WashCo Dems Leaders

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Officers (Nov 2016 - Nov 2018):

  • Chair: Louise Currin - chair [at] washcodems.org
  • First Vice Chair: Matt Koehler - vicechair1 [at] washcodems.org
  • Second Vice Chair: Chrissy Erguiza - vicechair2 [at] washcodems.org
  • Secretary: Patrick Maguire - secretary [at] washcodems.org
  • Treasurer: Veronica Williams - treasurer [at] washcodems.org

Standing Committee Chairs:

  • Budget: Veronica Williams - budget [at] washcodems.org
  • Campaign:  Taylor Sarman - campaign [at] washcodems.org
  • Communications: Ian Barrett - communications [at] washcodems.org, Sorah Dubitsky - communication_chair [at] washcodems.org
  • Community Outreach: Clyde Wolf - community_outreach [at] washcodems.org
  • Finance and Events: Linda Erickson - finance [at] washcodems.org
  • First CD WC Delegation: Keith Haxton - firstcd [at] washcodems.org
  • Information Technology: Natalia Zhang - it_chair [at] washcodems.org
  • Latino Outreach: Wlnsvey Campos - latino_outreach [at] washcodems.org
  • Office: Bobbi Wolfe, Sarah Harris - officechair [at] washcodems.org
  • Platform & Resolutions: Steve Hall - platform [at] washcodems.org
  • Rules: Alice Bartelt - rules [at] washcodems.org
  • State Central Committee: Sal Castaneda - scc [at] washcodems.org
  • Training and Education: Nancy Lewis - training [at] washcodems.org
  • Young Democrats: Gabe Mendez - young_dems [at] washcodems.org

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Endorsements: Wendy Kroger - endorsements [at] washcodems.org
  • Nominating: Varies


  • Black American Caucus: Glendora Claybrooks - black_caucus [at] washcodems.org
  • Women's Caucus:  Sarah Harris - womens_caucus [at] washcodems.org
  • Progressive Caucus:  Jolene Guptill - progressivecaucus [at] washcodems.org

State Central Committee (SCC) Delegates (Jan 2017 - Dec 2018):


  • 1st Female Delegate: Louise Currin (automatic, as Chair of WCDs)
  • 2nd Female Delegate: Rachel Gowland
  • 3rd Female Delegate: Lisa Allen
  • 4th Female Delegate: Linda Erickson
  • 5th Female Delegate: Jo Six
  • 6th Female Delegate: Bobbi Wolf
  • 1st Male Delegate: Carl Fisher
  • 2nd Male Delegate: Gerritt Rosenthal
  • 3rd Male Delegate: Kyle Allen
  • 4th Male Delegate: Shabba Woodley
  • 5th Male Delegate: Salvadore Castaneda


  • 1st Female Alternate: Veronica Williams
  • 2nd Female Alternate: Lupita Maurer
  • 3rd Female Alternate: Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh
  • 4th Female Alternate: Lexie Weaver
  • 5th Female Alternate: Lisa Stiller
  • 1st Male Alternate: Paul Erickson
  • 2nd Male Alternate: Steve Bintliff
  • 3rd Male Alternate: David Carlson
  • 4th Male Alternate: Jon McWilliams
  • ​5th Male Alternate: Keith Haxton

1st Congressional District (1st CD) Delegates (Jan 2017 - Dec 2018):


  • 1st Male Delegate: Shabba Woodley
  • 2nd Male Delegate: Will Hobbs
  • 3rd Male Delegate: Jeremy Likens
  • 4th Male Delegate: Steve Hall
  • 5th Male Delegate: Steve Bintliff
  • 6th Male Delgate: Keith Haxton (Chair)
  • 1st Female Delegate: Jo Six
  • 2nd Female Delegate: Sorah Dubitsky
  • 3rd Female Delegate: Farrah Chaichi
  • 4th Female Delegate: Sandra Jafarzadeh
  • 5th Female Delegate: Lucinda Hites-Claubaugh


  • 1st Male Alternate: Dan Jensen
  • 2nd Male Alternate: Lee Coleman
  • 3rd Male Alternate: Ian Barrett
  • 1st Female Alternate: Glendora Claybrooks
  • 2nd Female Alternate: Elaine Werner
  • 3rd Female Alternate:  Lisa Stiller
  • 4th Female Alternate: Jolene Guptill


  • Field Organizer: Carl Fisher - field [at] washcodems.org