A Resolution to Preserve the Integrity of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Oregon

RESOLUTION #  2017-058

A Resolution to Preserve the Integrity of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Oregon


A. WHEREAS DPO Article VI Plank 6 states, “We oppose the wholesale conversion of public lands to private ownership, and support the protection of state and federally designated parks, wilderness areas, recreation areas, and other resource lands.”, and

B. WHEREAS The Cascade–Siskiyou National Monument (C-SNM) protects 113,000 acres of extremely high biodiversity forest and grasslands at the junction of the Cascade Range and the Siskiyou Mountains in southwestern Oregon and northwestern California, and

C. WHEREAS was established as an 86,774 acre preserve in a presidential proclamation
by President Clinton on June 9, 2000 and subsequently expanded to 113,000 acres by President Obama in 2017, and

D. WHEREAS the C-SNM is managed by the Bureau of Land Management under the Department of Interior as part of the National Landscape Conservation System, and

E. WHEREAS Native Americans are known from archaeological excavations to have inhabited the region for thousands of years and nearly 100 dwelling and root-gathering sites belonging to the Modoc, Klamath, and Shasta tribes have been uncovered to date, and

F. WHEREAS The C-SNM is the first U.S. National monument set aside solely for the preservation of biodiversity as it has one of the most diverse ecosystems found in the Cascade Range with two hundred species of birds known to reside or pass through the monument, and

G. WHEREAS the C-SNM is noted for its significant botanical diversity due to the range of elevations and diversity of habitat types: spectacular flora includes many endemics to the immediate Siskiyou crest such as Green's mariposa lily (Calochortus greenei) and the federally endangered Gentner's fritillary (Fritillaria gentneri), and

H. WHEREAS In May 2015, 70 scientists endorsed the April 2011 Cascade-Siskiyou Scientific Report and identified a need for monument expansion, and

I. WHEREAS the science-based expansion of the C-SNM is formally endorsed in writing by the Talent and Ashland City Councils and their Chambers of Commerce, state Representative (Buckley) and Senator (Bates – since deceased) for the district, and

J. WHEREAS Interior Secretary Zinke, acting on the direction of President Trump, has proposed to revoke or alter federal protections for the C-SNM in order to open protected lands and waters to commercial activity, and

K. WHEREAS "Acting on these recommendations would represent an unprecedented assault on our parks and public lands, and undermine bipartisan progress to protect our lands and waters that dates to Theodore Roosevelt," said Jamie Williams, president of the Wilderness Society.

THEREFORE be it resolved by the Democratic Party of Washington County (DPWC), Oregon as follows:

1. The DPWC vehemently opposes Secretary Zinke’s proposal to revoke or alter federal protections for all or parts of the C-SNM.

2. The DPWC directs its Chair to communicate this resolution to the Oregon Congressional delegation, the State Land Board (Governor Kate Brown, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, and Treasurer Tobias Read), as well as Senator Alan DeBoer, the Democratic Party of Oregon, the Democratic legislators of Washington County, and to the Democratic Party Chairs of Jackson County and Klamath County, Oregon, and Siskiyou County, California.

3. The DPWC calls upon its members to support this resolution by contacting the State Land Board (Governor Brown, Secretary of State Richardson and Treasurer Read) directly.

Submitted: 12/3/2017, Jo Six; approved for 1st reading – R&PC, 12/5/2017.