SCC Male Alternate Delegate Election


Interested in Being a Delegate at the DPO Platform Convention?

Members at our January CC meeting voted to approve 62 Washington County Democrats as our  Delegates to the Democratic Party of Oregon's State Platform Convention. However, our Washington County Democrats have been granted 131 delegate slots and 65 alternate slots. Our chair, Louise Currin, has nominated interim Delegation Chair, Jo Six, to appoint delegates to the outstanding vacant delegation seats.

Please sign up at this link if you are interested in being appointed to one of the vacant slots.​

​The sign-up sheet will remain open until midnight on Sunday, March 11.


At the upcoming Oct 25 CC meeting, there will be an election for a male Alternate Delegate to the SCC, as Jon McWilliams has vacated his Alternate delegate position. That means the 5th Alternate will move to position 4, while position 5 will be elected on October 25.

If you're interested in running for the spot, send your nomination to Louise Currin at chair [at], or alternately, nominate yourself from the floor on the day of the meeting.

Current candidates (in alphabetical order):

  • Jay Beeks
  • Will Hobbs